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Movie Review

A Few Good Men is one of the many dramas that are made yearly. However, the setting is what makes this movie stand out among the rest. It is set within a courtroom, making the characters have to deal with a lot of tension and pressure. Tom Cruise plays Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee who proves himself to be a better military defense attorney than his father through defending two marines accused of murder. He battles against Kevin Bacon who plays Captain Jack Ross as the military prosecution attorney who attempts to send the two marines away for life.

Tom Cruise cross-examining Jack Nicholson

Through the help of Demi Moore as Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway and Kevin Pollak as Lieutenant Sam Weinberg, Cruise gets the punishment lessened of two marines. Lt. Kaffee fights through adversity in order to make that happen and the odds are not on his side.

The cast is very strong and one of the best I’ve ever seen, with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson giving performances of their lives. One thing in particular that I look forward to everytime I watch this film is Cruise’s sarcastic sense of humor.

He treats almost everything like a joke until it comes down to the wire and the lives of two others. One would think that the law should be taken seriously. But despite Kaffee’s jokester-like demeanor, his determination allows him to excell in the courtroom.

The drama in the courtroom is so fiery when Lt. Kaffee (Cruise) puts Jack Nicholson, who plays Colonel Nathan R. Jessep, on the stand. The two outstanding actors battle it out to protect what they want. Nicholson wants to defend his honor and Cruise wants the truth.

I hadn’t heard about this film until I was in middle school even though it came out in 1992. However, I wasn’t able to understand it until my high school years when I developed a sense of knowledge in law.

A Few Good Men is an excellent example of cinematography, and possibly one of the greatest films of the 90’s.  According to, it’s rated 7.6/10, which in my opinion isn’t high enough. I don’t believe that there are any other courtroom drama movies that can compare to this one.


Media Filtering

The NFL Lockout finally comes to an end! Check out a short clip of 13 NFL players extending their thanks to their fans.


The 2012 Olympic games comes to London.

Southbank, London, UK

The Hobbit will be in theatres. After the successful Lord of the Rings trilogy, director Peter Jackson decided to direct The Hobbit, which in the book series actually comes before all of the others.

Director Peter Jackson

Is the United States’ debt too much to repay? Will they be able to borrow any more money?

President Obama

Is Beyonce losing her touch of being in the public eye?

Pop-star Beyonce Knowles

Actors Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter dished out a business idea to the new series of Dragons’ Den.

The masterminds behind Google are now trying to take on the creators of Facebook with their own social network.

Google inventors Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Tom Cruise becomes a prime example for how Hollywood is making wrong decisions by miscasting certain actors/actresses.

Actor Tom Cruise

Microsoft’s invention of Xbox is lethal. A 20-year-old died due to a blood clot from playing on his Xbox.

Chris Staniforth

China and India have the numbers, but do they have the talent for the Fifa World Cup?

China soccer players

Twitter Feed

Morrissey couldn’t care less about the terrorist attacks in Norway. Sunday night on July24th, Morrissey performed on stage at a show in Warsaw, Poland when voicing his strong opinion about the terrorist attack in Norway. 

British musician caused rage among his fans by saying that the killings of at least 76 people in Norway on July 22nd was ” ‘nothing’ compared to the number of animals killed daily for the fast food industry” ( Morrissey also said, “We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown… Though that is nothing compared to what happens in MCDonald’s and Kentucky Fried S**t every day.”

Morrissey’s spokesperson remarked that he will make no further comments. British musician also banned the sale of any burgers or sausages at his venues throughout his tour. Morrissey has been against the meat industry throughout his 28-year career.

Q&A of Ben Gilbert

Ben Gilbert-music journalist

1. How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 38-years-old and from Essex, England.

2. Where did you study?

-TVU of Britain.

3. How long have you been involved with music journalism?

I’ve been writing journalism for music for about 15 years. I’ve been employed full-time for about 10 years though. It is not an easy job at all.

4. Is there any more progress you’d like to make?

-Not really. “I reached a cieling” My options are quite limited now for music. Also, younger people are coming into the music journalism world. It’s getting a little bit boring to write about music still.”I think I’d like to become an academic.”

5. What famous people have you met?

-Beyonce, The Strokes, and Marilyn Manson.

6. What’s your best story to share?

-In the early 2000’s around the time of  Columbine, I wrote interviews for a website. I went to Marilyn Manson’s mansion-he was a very intelligent man-to interview him. I went with only a few cameras and the room was very dark and “he was like 9 feet tall. So it was very intimidating.” “I was wearing a free, plastic, Brittany Spears watch that I got from a magazine, and he complimented on it and also said, ‘you have a poor sense of irony’ “. So, that was the most interesting story.

7. What advice would you offer to people who want to be journalists?

-You have to be able to write. Develop that skill and ensure that it’s your key skill.

8. What was your least favorite task?

-Working for Yahoo music. I had to compare radio stations and write about the statistics behind all of them, such as how often certain songs were played.

9. What inspired you?

-Bands, and the mythology of the bands. More specifically, The Beetles and the Beach Boys. I wanted to get involved in the “world” of rock n’ roll.


London tube

Is London clean compared to New York City? London’s tube system is the equivalent to Manhatton’s subway system. Every step you take in the tube stations you’ll find hardly any rubbish on the floor, walls, or seats. Someone might say, “Well, that’s beacause English people know how to use a rubbish can.” The ironic part about this is that rubbish cans were taken out of the tube stations for security reasons, and yet, the stations are still relatively clean. On the other hand, subway stations in Manhatton are filled with rubbish cans, but, the place is a mess.

I have noticed that there are people cleaning the tube stations more frequently than in the New York subway stations. This is because there are no rubbishcans in the tube stations. If they did have rubbish cans, then there would be trash filling out of them all the time. So instead, workers are always around cleaning the little bit of trash that is on the ground.

Also, I notice that the people of London are cleaner in general than people of New York City. For example, as I waited for Northbound Bakerloo Line there was a woman holding onto her banana peel. She held on to it until she got off at her stop and saw the nearest rubbish can. If this were in New York City, the woman would have tossed her banana peel out into the tracks or just on the floor.

As well as the floors being clean, so are the seats. When I enter the station, I don’t hesitate to sit down because there isn’t dried gum on them or wrappers underneath them. In New York City, the subway station seats are nearly despised due to the filth they accumulate.

The walls in the tube stations are filled with signs and logos that apear to be pollished. The signs don’t contain much graffiti on them or any other offensive writings. The advertisements for new movies and plays are appreciated by the public because they are all in tact. In New York City, you’re lucky if you can see half of an actor’s face on a movie advertisement.

Outside of the tube stations are the sidewalks. Those too, are clean. Throughout the day and night you can find people walking around with these big “zamboni-like” cleaning machines that pollish up and clean the trash off of the sidewalks. At times, they can actually get in the way, but it’s for a good reason. I have no problem with knowing that there is clean concrete beneath my feet.

Finally, London’s tubes are much more luxurious than New York City’s subways. Its seats are soft and “give”, unlike the hard plastic seats, which causes irritation that the subways have to offer. At times I have been able to snooze because I was comfortable, which can be a big deal for any long-distance traveler.

People of London know how to follow the rules. For example, they don’t block the entrances! They’re aware of what other people need to do and where to go, so they give people space to walk. People in New York City are oblivious to this matter. The city is crazy and yet they will block entrances in the subways, making it very frustrating to walk.

London people allow you to hold on to the poles inside the tubes so you don’t stumble when it goes and stops. In New York City, people think that the subways are the trunks of the car by leaving their luggage and bags placed out just enough so that you can’t hold on to any of the poles.

Furthermore, people of New York City will give you attitude if you try to make a situation better in terms of trying to be comfortable inside the subway. London citizens will actually smile at you. As a whole, I believe that I can say the people of London live a more organized lifestyle than the people of New York City.

New York City subway

My Favorite Activity

My final deadlift attempt of 462.5lbs(210Kg) at the MMA&Sports Extravaganze in Atlantic City, NJ in October 2010

Lifting weights is my main interest and has been for a few years now. However, I started getting serious into lifting weights during the summer of 2009. From this I discovered that I have a talent, and that is, to dead-lift.

The dead-lift exercise is my favorite and my best of all. It all started when I was a junior in high school when I decided to go to the gym and try my first dead-lift.

I was only able to pull up 95 pounds. I was also on the cross country team at that time, so trying to lift heavy wasn’t the smartest of ideas.

As time went on, I started to dead-lift more and more until I became crazy about it by setting goals for myself that I wanted to accomplish within a certain amount of time.

For example, during my senior year of high school, I wanted to dead-lift 315 pounds for 10 repetitions by the month of March, 2009. I succeeded, and had a friend take a video of me doing so.

I was so proud of myself because I found something that I really excelled in, and took advantage of it fully.

After that, I kept on setting goals for myself and treated them as milestones, such as, dead-lifting 350 pounds for 1 repetition (max out), 400 pounds, etc. I am now 19-years-old, turning 20 soon, weighing 155 pounds, and can dead-lift 462.5 pounds.

Since I am so interested in lifting weights, I took it to the next level. By doing so, I decided to compete in a power-lifting meet. The first one I competed in was in March of 2010 where I took 1st place in my weight-class for the dead-lift event.

In power-lifting meets, there are the three main lifts that lifters compete in: bench-press, squat, and dead-lift.

I enjoy all three, but the dead-lift is my strongest, then my squat, then my bench-press. I competed in the 27th Annual New Jersey State Championship Power-lifting meet in Princeton, NJ on July 30, 2010 where I came in 2nd place in my weight-class for the dead-lift, and did not place for the other two lifts, which discouraged me. Since that happened, I started to train harder as a powerlifter.

My squat max-out is now up to 300 pounds, which I am completely satisfied with, seeing as I still only weigh 155 pounds. My bench-press max-out is still suffering, however. Furthermore, I competed in my third meet on October 31st at the MMA&Sports Extravaganza at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ where I took 1st place for my weight-class. I was back on track…

A Night Out at a Pub

Barley Mow pub off of Bond St. station in Central London

My destination was the Marble Arch where I was supposed to meet with a group for a “James Bond” tour. Unfortunately, I arrived 10 minutes late, thinking that the transport would be shorter than what it actually was. I was disappointed, but, I decided to take a little adventure of my own. I had no clue where I was because this was during the first week that I was in London. However, I ended up in a very nice and busy shopping area not far from Oxford Circus, called Tottenham Court Road. 

I bought a few things for myself and continued to walk on until I spot this magnificant Rolls Royce Phantom. I proceeded to take a picture of it because I never got the chance to see one in the United States. I secured my camera in my backpack and turned to this middle-aged man.

I said to him, “That’s a Rolls Royce, right?” He said, in his English accent, and in a very happily manner to have had a stranger speak to him, “Why, yes, it is!” We then began to talk about he lived in the US for 5 years. Neil, the man’s name, was a very nice person to talk to and the most gregarious Englishman who I’ve spoken to.

I entered the Barley Mow pub that  Neil and I were standing in front of. When I approached the bar I couldn’t help but notice the most attractive English girl I have ever seen. I ordered cod and chips with a pint of Sharp’s Doombar.

The bartender, who I later found out was named Kaleigh, and I talked to each other about the general differences of England and the US. Coincidentally, we found out that we are the same age as well. Also, she said that she would love to go to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday, which is what my father intends on doing for my 21st birthday.

A couple hours pass and a 30-year-old looking man walks in to order a drink. I noticed that he didn’t have any kind of accent, which allowed me to assume one thing-that he is American. I asked him, “Are you American?” He replied with, “yes.” Tyler is his name.

So, I had to ask him where he was from, and he told me how he was from Salt Lake City, Utah. Soon, Tyler, Kaleigh, and myself all had one big conversation, which was very enjoyable. I say this because one of my favorite activities is to go to a pub/bar and talk to anyone, which is exactly what happened on this instance. Tyler told me about his job and how he gets to travel internationally every so often, which is what I would love to do!

About an hour later, Tyler left and this other man, although older, walked in to order a beer. Kaleigh mentioned how this guy was from the US. Out of all the 50 states, the guy was from the same state as me, Connecticut. He grew up in West Hartford, just 30 minutes away from where I live. However, he has lived in England for 30+ years now. 

At that point I was just so shocked that two people who entered the pub that I was in were from the US, and all the meanwhile I was carrying on a very nice conversation with the bartender who got me try to speak with an English accent.  The whole interaction with the two strangers and the bartender was enough to make my night a very good night. Occurences such as this one is what makes me happy.

In general I must say London is a much more fun place than Manhatton. Not only is England’s drinking law more accomodating, but just from my one experience I can place London above Manhatton.